Exploration Philosophy

Suemaur’s fundamental philosophy is to acquire, drill and develop technically and financially sound properties that have the potential to make a significant, positive monetary impact for Suemaur.

Our approach is to focus regionally on proven trends that meet our economic criteria including a realistic estimate of geologic and operational risk. We believe that the foundation upon which a successful effort is built begins with a thorough understanding of the play types. Suemaur incorporates a layered approach to asset evaluation where all available geological, geophysical and engineering data are incorporated into a cohesive data set. Suemaur is looking for projects that have the potential to make a major financial impact.

Historically, Suemaur has created significant value through exploration and the majority of our reserve value was monetized, not through long term production, but rather through sale of reserves in place, at a premium, to large producers or utility companies. This reduced both the long term engineering risk and price risk associated with the assets. Suemaur divested all of its Texas properties early in 2018, retained its production in Kansas and will use that as a foundation to continue to grow organically thru internally generated projects in Kansas, Texas and Louisiana.