Company History

The original Suemaur company began as a partnership – Miller and Pedrotti – in 1969 and subsequently became Suemaur Corporation in 1975. Suemaur Exploration, Inc., which was formed in 1984, functioned as the operating company for the producing assets owned by Suemaur Corporation. In 1990 Bill Miller, Dan Pedrotti, and J.M. Smith (Genesis) acquired the exploration assets of Harkins & Company and assigned those assets to Suemaur Exploration Inc.

In October of 1997, one of the Company’s Venture Partners acquired J.M. Smith’s interest in Suemaur Exploration Inc. and the name was changed to Suemaur Exploration & Production, LLC. The new company is the operating entity of a private partnership, Suemaur Exploration Partners, which operates and manages an “exploration cooperative” for the benefit of the partnership and other long term private industry Venture Partners. In 2005, Bill Miller retired and his partnership interest was acquired by another Venture Partner, FESCO, Ltd. Dan Pedrotti, the other founding partner in Suemaur, continues to be an active partner and equity owner in Suemaur Exploration Partners. The ownership of the partnership has changed over the years but the management team and the Pedrotti Family Partnership still maintain significant interests in the partnership. The remainder of the partnership is currently owned by former Venture Partners.

The entire management team has worked together for over twenty-four years, with some working together for over thirty-six years.

Over the course of the last 27 years, Suemaur has drilled 114 exploratory prospects resulting in 48 New Field discoveries, generating a 42% success rate and ≈450 BCFe of reserves for Suemaur Exploration Partners and its Venture Partners.